18 Ottobre 2017

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VPN Encrypted Router

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Let´s get down to details as for this revolutionary device:
  • Our Encrypted Router protects your internet traffic from hacking and industrial espionage, hides your real ip address and protects your privacy while using internet browser, email, voip and chat.

  • It is a high quality Wifi Router with integrated VPN Client, it allows you to use a single VPN connection for more computers, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, and even game consoles. (The connected devices don´t need any Vpn software, but only a WiFi connection).

  • Encrypted Router connects to our world wide network of Vpn servers located in 28 countries wherever you are located. Furthermore, it can select automatically the fastest server from your current location.

  • Router-B1 does use super strong encryption with RSA 4096 bit, AES 256 algorithm and OpenVpn protocol to protect your data as much as possible.

  • Our Encrypted Router has an integrated active defence system against more than 2.000 kind of cyber attacks.

  • Its body is made of carbon fibre in a beautiful shape designed from an art master. It´s light, yet stronger 10 times than steel and it protects your data from electromagnetic leakage in a similar way to that of military products.

  • The device can be used also as a standard wifi router without Vpn, still protecting your devices behind its integrated firewall.

  • Our VPN Encrypted Router can be administrated using an easy web interface pointing the browser to http://b1 (compatible with any smart phone,tablet and computer).

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$ 390,00
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