19 Gennaio 2018
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[VIDEO] Ultimate 8-Band VHF UHF Signal Jammer

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Released in 2013, Jammer B53 is a new and exclusive signal blocker. The ultimate signal controlling solution. Blocks all of the popular wireless RF signals including, 2G/3G/4G, WiFi Bluetooth, UHF VHF Radio Frequencies, GPS LoJack, remote control and so on.

Because of the advanced modularized design, we can assign any frequency module to serve another output channel. If there´s need to customize the modules, please contact us to arrange personalized production.



2013 new created modularized design. Total 8 signal bands. Covers most of the popular wireless signal channels, including all cell phones, UHF & VHF walkie-talkie and audio bugs, LoJack trackers, GPS trackers, WiFi Bluetooth 2.4GHz, remote controls and so on. It´s the ultimate signal control solution for anyone who cares about own privacy.

You are able to control output power of each band. The power knob controllers are easy to use and have indicators to show up the working status. B53 signal jammer has 2pcs strong cooling fans. Along with the aluminium filter you can use it to work for 24/7 continuously.

Unlike the regular carton box, the new B53 terminator is packed in a strong safety box with a sponge inside. It gives top-class protection to the terminator device, and allows you to carry it easily like a big suitcase.

Features of B53 - the ultimate 8-band wireless signal terminator

  • Covers all of the popular wireless signals
  • Can change the module to output from different bands
  • Allows to change modules easily to other frequencies
  • 8 pieces - high gain 5dB whip antenna change direction and angle freely
  • Embedded 2pcs fast cooling fans and alum. filter supports 24/7 working
  • Built under safety regulations, not harmful to humans
  • Antennas and sockets are numbered - easy installation
  • 12 months quality warranty

Applications of B53 ultimate 8-band wireless signal jammer

Business meeting rooms, museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, buses, etc. Ideal for using in locations of special purpose such as hospitals, gas stations and so on.

Package includes

1 x B53 - Wireless signal jammer
8 x 5dB Whip Antenna
1 x AC Power Adaptor (Wall Charger)
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$ 900,00
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Product code: B53
Frequency: Below are regular settings. You can change VHF&UHF to 4G & GPS L2/5. You can also change any band to any frequency module we have.
European Frequencies: 1# GSM900, 2# GSM1800, 3# 3G(UMTS), 4# 4G(2600MHz), 5# WiFi/Bluetooth (2400MHz), 6# GPS L1, 7# VHF (140-180MHz), 8# UHF (420-480MHz)
American Frequencies: 1# CDMA800, 2# GSM1900, 3# 3G(WCDMA), 4# 4G(700MHz), 5# WiFi/Bluetooth (2400MHz), 6# GPS L1, 7# VHF (140-180MHz), 8# UHF (420-480MHz)
Working Object: All mobile phones, UHF&VHF walkie-talkie, UHF/VHF audio bugs, LoJack tracker, GPS tracker, WiFi Bluetooth 2.4GHz, remote control and so on.
Signal Source: PLL Synthesized
Output Power: Total 24500mW
Typical Coverage: 20~40 Meters
Antenna Interface: 8 x Whip Omni SMA antenna 5db
Remote Control: N/A
Working Current: 24V 5A (120Watt)
Power Supply: AC power adapter
Battery: N/A
Power Adapter: 100-240V 2A 50-60Hz Note: Please place the power adapter as far away as you can to avoid interferences from the terminator.
Color: Black
Dimensions (LxWxD): L320 x W180 x H15.7mm / 3030gram
Package: High quality black safest box - Box size: L390 x W290 x H120mm
Operating Temperature: 0-50 degrees
Humidity: 5% - 80%
Warranty: 1 Year
Choose american or European frequencies

Frequency European , Frequency American
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$ 900,00
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Ultimate 8-Band Wireless & VHF UHF Signal Jammer
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