18 Ottobre 2017

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[Encrypted Phones]
Of course, they do. They are impenetrable means of communication, as long as some fundamental parameters are fulfilled:

What are the duties of the provider which offers an encrypted service? Let´s get down to the details.

1)The legal and operational headquarters MUST be in a country where the gove...
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08-05-2015 18:18 - News
[Privacy Policy Encrypted Router B1]
User´s privacy is one of our Company´s core values. Therefore, no user information is ever collected except when redeemed necessary. For example, we need your address for the delivery of the devices and be assured it is never shared with any third parties. The only time information is requested, ...
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[How to connect your Broadband router to Router-B1]
Router-B1 can be connected to your standard broadband router using a normal ethernet cable:

or if you are in place where a cable connection is not available, you can even connect it to internet using a Wifi connection.

This Encrypted Router-B1 has 2 different WiFi ports, one for the uplink to inter...
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07-05-2015 16:17 - News
[Automatic Updates Router-B1]
Heartbleed, Poodle, Breach are only a few of the recent security "breaches" discovered even in an encrypted protocol such as SSL. SSL is used by many WiFi routers, cameras, computers, smart phones.

Millions of devices around the world are still vulnerable to such attacks because almost not all con...
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07-05-2015 14:54 - News
[WiFi Channel Selection Router B1]
VPN Encrypted Router-B1 executes a smart analysis in real time and selects the best wifi channel automatically, changing it whenever it´s necessary.

All the wifi routers are limited to using only 11 channels in the 2.4 GHZ frequencies space because of the regulations all over the world.

In a crowde...
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06-05-2015 19:57 - News
[Active Defence System Router B1]
VPN Encrypted Router-B1 has an integrated smart intrusion prevention system able to detect more than 2.000 thousand different external attacks and to close immediately any port to the attacker using its internal firewall.

The rules to detect and defend from the attacks are part of the security upd...
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06-05-2015 19:11 - News
[VPN Available Countries]
These are the countries where the VPN service of the encrypted router will be available:

1 Australia
2 Austria
3 Bulgaria
4 Canada
5 Chile
6 Czech
7 Egypt
8 France
9 Germany
10 Hong Kong (China)
11 Hungary
12 Iceland
13 India
14 Italy
15 Japan
16 Luxembourg
17 Netherlands
18 Panama
19 Poland
20 Ro...
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