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23 Febbraio 2020

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12-05-2015 19:11 - News
[Encrypted Phones]

Of course, they do. They are impenetrable means of communication, as long as some fundamental parameters are fulfilled:

What are the duties of the provider which offers an encrypted service? Let's get down to the details.

1)The legal and operational headquarters MUST be in a country where the gove...
06-05-2015 18:33 - News
[What is an IP address?]
The IP Address is your fingerprint when you are surfing the Internet, take a look here to see your unique IP address.

It means that every post you create, every page you read can be traced back to you. The connection logs containing your IP Address are kept by almost every Internet Service Provide...
09-03-2015 15:08 - News
[COD - Cash On Delivery ]

From now on, feel free to pay COD, which means that you can pay for your product at the time of delivery instead of having to pay upfront.

Thanks to contractual agreements between IMPERIAL EAGLE DWC-LLC and international courier services, we are glad to announce that, from this point forward, ever...
04-03-2015 14:50 Source: Alessandro Telich, Imperial Eagle DMCC - News
[Crime by jammer]

Should jamming devices be legal or illegal? At first glance, there is nothing that makes us think of a link between the terms "jammer" and "criminality". Actually, there is more to that than meets the eye.

One must understand the importance of owning devices, such as jammers, self-defense batons, ...
04-03-2015 12:03 Source: Alessandro Telich, Imperial Eagle DWC-LLC - News
[With A Car Lock Jammer, A Car´s Keyless Remote Controls Won´t Work.]

In the last few years, there have been several cases reporting handbags, purses, briefcases and luggage theft, all of the above stolen from inside the vehicle, without any sign of forced entry, windshield breaking whatsoever.

So, how is that possible?

The answer lies in nothing more than a car loc...
27-02-2015 17:06 - News
[Encrypted Phones and Routers]

If there was an appropriate title, it would go something like this: "Privacy, everyone's right, but respected by few".

Every day, our privacy is being violated. Mobile phones and the Internet are the main means through which others spy on us. Pay attention, unlike common belief, NOT only dangerous...
26-02-2015 21:17 Source: Alessandro Telich, Imperial Eagle DWC-LLC - News
[How to choose a jammer?]

Before choosing a jammer, it is advisable to take into consideration a few factors:
  • The frequencies of the devices we care to block.
  • The output power of the device we want to jam.
  • The output power the jammer ought to have.
  • The distance covered by the jammer.
  • Whether the power source is a battery or th...
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