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16 Giugno 2019

New price lists for every one of our clients!

23-02-2015 19:02 - News

From now on, Imperial Eagle DWC-LLC, owner of domains www.jammers.it - www.jammerspro.com - www.klineapp.com, will be constantly rewarding their customers.

To each user, orders and purchases will be counted and added, depending on the value of these latter. The more the total amount of purchases, the more the user will have access to a convenient price list, forever, without any time-limit!

Below is the list of prices:

Bronze List: Purchases over 1500€ 5% discount
Silver List: Purchases over 3000€ 10% discount
Gold List: Purchases over 5000€ 20% discount
Platinum List: Purchases over 8000€ 30% discount
Black List: Purchases Over 12000€ 40% discount

Source: Imperial Eagle DMCC Administration
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