18 Febbraio 2018
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International Anonymous SIM Cards

code: SSA - Anonymous SIM Cards , Latest Products

Thanks to our anonymous international SIM cards, you will be free to call anywhere in the world for absolute privacy of your phone calls.

Unlike any other SIM card, there is no phone record and most of all there´s no trace of your data that can be tied to your name or address. It is completely ANONYMOUS.

This is how it works: every time you try to make a call, the telephone switchboard shuts the communication. Then, it will put you in contact with the callee, making it appear as if the switchboard made the call instead of you.

In other words, although you will be able to make and receive phone calls to/from anyone, it will always be as if you were called from one specific number!

The SIM card does not display neither a logo nor a brand and it is pre-loaded with 10€. More credits can be bought on our website.


Outgoing calls 0.07€;
Incoming calls FREE;
Outgoing text message 0.22€;
Incoming text messages Free.

*187# (then press the call button)

$ 60,00
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$ 60,00
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