18 Febbraio 2018
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About Us
Imperial Eagle DWC-LLC, established in The Free Zone in Dubai, was born to guarantee each and every one of our clients Privacy, through electronic devices, such as Jammers, and Cipher Systems, for encrypted communication, without running afoul of the law.

Our technicians, alongside of our italian engineers, cooperate to better serve our customers with best-in-class premium quality products.

It is in our interest to assist our clients, exclusively, with professional jamming devices, assembled purely with genuine and original parts and built to function for a considerable amount of time, which means that not a soul will encounter overheating issues.

Perfection is our goal, excellence will be tolerated.

Head Office: Imperial Eagle DWC-LLC
Business Center - Dubai World Central P.O. Box: 390667 Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Contacts: Tel. +971 506576421 Mob. +39 3807545357
E-mail: info@jammerspro.com
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