23 Aprile 2018
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8-Band All-In-One Handheld GSM DCS 3G 4G LTE WiFi GPS LoJack Jammer

code: B97 - WiFi Jammers , Professional Jammers , Portable Jammers , Mobile Phone Jammers , LoJack Jammers , GSM/3G/4G LTE Jammers , GPS Jammers , Jammers , Latest Products
weight: 800.00 gr.
Professional Jammer B97 is the strongest and most complete handheld DCS, GSM jammer and 2.4GHz scrambler ever built.

Thanks to its 8 bands and 8 Watts of output power, 1 Watt for each channel, properly speaking, this is the only handheld device in the whole world with this amount of output power.

Hence, any kind of locating device, even the latest one, 4G LTE and GPS LoJack will be blurred, guaranteeing therefore a high level of quality and safety.

Below you will find further technical details regarding this amazing handheld jammer, which can also be customized. If you have any special request, please fill in the form below.
$ 500,00
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This product is available
Product Code: B97
European Frequencies: -Band 1: Lojack: 173MHz

-Band 2: GSM: 851-960MHz

-Band 3: DCS: 1800-1880MHz

-Band 4: 3G, UMTS: 2110-2170MHz

-Band 5: 4G Low: 790-880MHz

-Band 6: GPS L1: 1575.42MHz ± 10MHz

-Band 7: WiFi 11.b & g: 2300-2500MHz

-Band 8: 4G High: 2620-2690MHz
Working Object: Smart Phones, Cell Phones, GPS Locators, LoJack Locators, WiFi Router 2.4-2.5GHz, etc.
Output Power: 8 W
Jamming Range: >30 meters (Depending on signal strength)
Remote Control: No
Power Supply: 50 or 60Hz, 100 or 240V CA
Battery: 4600mAh (battery recharged in 6 hours) - (battery lasts for about 90 minutes)
Power Adapter: AC100-240V-DC12V
Color: Silver/Black
Dimensions (LxWxD): 132x80x41mm (including antennas)
Warranty: 1 Year
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$ 500,00
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This product is available
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