23 Aprile 2018
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[VIDEO] 16 Bands Jammer for 3G 4G, GPS, WiFi, RF VHF UHF & Car LoJack

code: B53EVO16 - Professional Jammers , Mobile Phone Jammers , GSM/3G/4G LTE Jammers , GPS Jammers , LoJack Jammers , Car Lock Jammers , Jammers , Latest Products
weight: 7.50 Kg
B53EVO16 is the desktop jammer with the widest range of frequencies ever built. It can jam 16 bands, among which Cell Phone GSM, 3G & 4G LTE WiMax, VHF UHF Radio Frequencies, GPS L1,L2,L3,L4,L5 & Car Lock 315, 433, 868MHz & Car Lojack 173MHz Frequency. All at the same time.

Thanks to its 42W of output power, this 16-band jamming device will never ever disappoint you. It easily lives upto its name and features.

One of the best solutions for small - medium sized conference rooms and other private rooms, it protects the targeted area from any potential hidden microphone or bugs.

Below, you can see all the 16 frequency bands this bad boy can block.
$ 1.150,00
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This product is available
Product Code: B53EVO16
European Frequencies: GSM 900 (920-965MHz) 3W
DCS (1800-1890MHz) 3W
3G UMTS (2100-2170MHz) 3W
WiFi & Bluetooth (WiFi 2400-2480MHz) 2W
4G LTE WiMAX2 (Europe 2620-2690MHz) 2W
4G LTE (790-870MHz) 3W
433MHz (Car Remote Alarm) 3W
315MHz (Car Remote Alarm) 3W
868MHz (Car Remote Alarm) 3W
1575.42MHz (GPS L1) 2W
173MHz (Car Lojack) 3W
130-180MHz (VHF) 3W
400-480MHz (UHF) 3W
1227.60 MHz±10MHz (GPS L2) 2W
1176.45 MHz±10MHz (GPS L5) 2W
1381.05 MHz±10MHz (GPS L3 +L4) 2W
Output Power: 42W
Jamming Range: 20-40 metres (depending on signal strength)
Antenna Interface: Omni Antennae 300mm
Remote Control: No
Power Adapter: CA 100-240V o 12V car adapter (300mm Long)
Color: Black
Dimensions (LxWxD): 395x238x60mm
Warranty: 1 Year
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$ 1.150,00
Available icona più
This product is available
16 Bands Jammer B53EVO16
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